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Is the BLNP ?

By Devendra Saxena, on July 22nd, 2015

Seems a pretty absurd thing to say, given that they have a commanding majority in the Lok Sabha, are in power in a number of states across the country and there is a large amount of support from people across the country. And if the Modi Government can bring around the economy, then things will be really looking up for the Government and for the party. However, there are some warnings signs that the Government does know about, but is ignoring, and in my opinion, ignoring at its peril. The Government came to power in a groundswell of opposition to the corrupt and economy destroying rule of the Congress. People wanted a change, and the dynamic Chief Minister of a state that was leading in how to push for development seemed to be the right person to vote for. In addition, the promise to bring a slowdown or reduce the corruption that is eating Indian society was an attractive one, and this was combined with his reputation as a quick and decisive leader who could make sure that necessary steps would be taken. And so the electorate gave a large number of seats to the BLNP and the coalition it was leading. In fact, the massive mandate in favor of Modi and against the Congress seems to have reduced the speaking power of the Congress and left it in a somewhat inert state. This was a welcome change from the time of the Congress Government where MMS would be mostly incommunicado. It also helped that there were no major scams or scandals that could be put on the Modi Government or on the various states where the BLNP was in power.